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In Memory of Fat Meow, Head of Public Relations

In Memory of Fat MeowFat Meow was the head of public relations (a.k.a.. resident clinic cat) at the Associated Veterinary Clinic of Cokato. Mr. Fat had been with the clinic for over 12 years and was the only staff member who also lived at the clinic. He loved his day to day routine and tried to always take a laid-back and relaxed approach to his job. Although he did not have any formal education in public relations his many years of on-the-job experience made him more than qualified for the role.

His story would not be complete without mentioning a life-changing experience he endured in December of 2011, when he was viciously attacked by a stray dog. The attack left him with a severely damaged left knee and with one less toe on his right foot. Throughout the the whole ordeal he maintained a positive attitude and after a grueling 8 weeks of rehabilitation and cage rest he was able to return to work. Mr. Fat was not only able to make a miraculous physical recovery but a mental one as well. He harbored no ill will towards the canine species, despite his traumatic experience, and continued to greet and socialize with dogs and cats equally in the clinic lobby.

On a personal note he enjoyed spending time with other members of the AVC staff and keeping boarding pets company during their stays at the clinic. His hobbies included napping, cat-napping, and eating. As of writing this article, Mr. Fat was not sure how long he would continue to work at AVC prior to retirement, however, based on the fact that he lived at the clinic it was unlikely that this would happen anytime soon, if at all.

The final chapter in Mr. Fat's life story began in early April of 2015 when he presented for an exam of a lump on the left side of his jaw. The lump unfortunately turned out to be a cancerous mass and within two weeks time the staff of AVC had to say goodbye to a dear friend, companion, and long-time coworker.

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